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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 5  NBC  September 22, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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14-year-old daughter, the boy's parents say the officer was out of line, handcuffing the teen in front of his mom and dad. >> having the young man cower in handcuffs with this officer towering over him with his hands on -- hand on his gun, threatening him with rape in prison, that's in the spirit of straightening this young man out? i don't think so. >> reporter: but the officer through his attorney says he was there to straighten the boy out using scare tactics, saying "on this occasion the officer was not there as part of an official investigation, but as a concerned parent attempting to navigate the difficult challenges associated with raising a teenager." the boy's family attorney says the officer did not have their permission to use scare tactics. >> so if he's not a part of an official investigation, then he's admitted his own personal misconduct. he should be fired. >> reporter: he also questions why the officer was in full uniform and drove up on his motorcycle. >> you come and you talk to his
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parents. you don't come in, in your uniform, with your gun, with your taser, with your handcuffs, and browbeat him. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: san jose cop watch is closely following this case. to them the police officer may have been out of line. >> i can understand a father being upset, i can understand why. but to use his police authority in this manner was absolutely out of line. >> reporter: san jose police say they will not discuss details of this case. the officer has been placed on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. the death toll in the san bruno explosion now has officially grown to seven. as three people reported missing have been confirmed dead. 50-year-old gregory bullas and his 17-year-old son william, shown in this picture, were killed in the september 9th
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explosion. gregory's mother, 85-year-old la von bullas, was also killed. the family lived on claremont drive. all but one of the victims of the explosion lived on that street. the always hectic first day of classes at cal state university east bay were maybe more hectic by a gas leak. construction crews working on campus apparently struck a gas line with a backhoe this morning. pg&e crews came out to cap the leak, then stayed through the day to make repairs. no one was evacuated and classes were not disrupted. a school spokesman says normally students who miss a class on the first day are dropped but that rule was suspended because of the leak. construction crews were working on the school's new recreation and wellness center. that broken water main sent water pour including a pleasant hill neighborhood this morning is repaired tonight. 40 customers had to skip their morning showers today. by 2:30, service was restored. the break happened at viking drive, affecting traffic for
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diablo valley college and nearby schools where crews should be wrapping up repairs right about now. new tonight at 5:00, walnut creek police say a man tried to lure a boy into his car yesterday in the latest of a strong of incidents in the east bay. at the shopping center about 4:00 when a dark blue chevy suv pulled up alongside him. police say the male driver claimed he knew the boy's mother and she asked him to give the boy a ride. the boy ran and found a security guard at the shopping center. the man is described as white, late 30s to early 40s, standing 5'10". he was also reportedly bald and heavy-set with green eyes and a goatee. california budget negotiations appear to be moving forward, even with governor schwarzenegger sick at home. the governor's been sick since monday. but we've learned top lawmakers
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have headed to southern california where they will meet with the governor at his private office in santa monica. the state budget is more than 80 days overdue. from the council chambers to the jailhouse, a group of current and former officials in a los angeles suburb of bell had their first day in court for allegedly cheating taxpayers out of millions of dollars. it's a scandal that's drawn attention to the salaries of city officials across the state. nbc bay area's scott budman has the details. >> council join? >> reporter: city leaders, current and former, standing before a judge to face charges of stealing money from their own city to line their pockets. among those arrested, former city manager robert rizzo who paid himself almost double the yearly salary of the president, $800,000. rizzo and seven others are accused of misappropriating $5.5 million to benefit themselves. during the sting tuesday morning when the bell mayor, is on car hernandez, failed to come out of his home, officials used a
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battering ram to break down the door. this was the reaction during a city council meeting in july after residents learned about their officials' high salaries. especially distasteful in a working class town where many live below the poverty line. spontaneous celebrations broke out as word got out about the arrests. >> these people really had their hand in the cookie jar. and now it's their day to pay for justice. >> you want to see rizzo and the gang behind bars? >> oh, gosh, yeah. i'd like that -- my gosh, i wish they'd let me turn the key. >> reporter: the california attorney general has sued bell city officials to try and get back most of their salaries. several residents say if they're not convicted, they'll move forward with a recall. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> the investigation is not over. officials say more charges could be filed. each of the defendants will be back in court next month. now to business and tech news. oakland is facing the loss of
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hundreds of jobs which are moving to pleasanton. clorox plans to keep corporate headquarters in oakland, but some 500 workers will be moving to the new campus. clorox is the largest corporation headquartered in oakland. up to 1,000 workers will remain in the upper floors of the company's office tower. new tenants will be moving into the bottom 12 floors. ac transit's boards of directors will meet tonight to consider cutting service. the proposal would cut weekend service in half. ac transit says that would save the agency about $11 million. in all, ac transit is facing a $56 million budget deficit. the agency says these reductions are necessary because the drivers and mechanics union won't accept cuts. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00. a new governors poll shows a dead heat. 47% of likely voters are supporting jerry brown. 46% are backing meg whitman. now two weeks ago whitman enjoyed a four-point lead.
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that poll shows nearly half the voters have an unfavorable impression of brown, and half an unfavorable impression of whitman. six months after the passage of his health care reform bill, president obama spent the day promoting the new laws that take effect tomorrow. the president was in virginia today where he held a backyard forum to talk about health care reform. and to clear up some confusion about the new provisions. here's a look at some of the new laws. among them, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny children coverage for pre-existing conditions. children will be allowed on stay on their parents' policies until age 26. insurance companies will no longer be able to cap the amount of benefits and treatment a person can receive over a lifetime. and no out-of-pocket costs for preventative care. >> all these things are designed not to have government more involved in health care, they're designed to make sure that you have basic protections in your interactions with your insurance company. that you're getting what you
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paid for. that you have some basic measures of protection. >> major health care changes take effect in 2014, including the requirement that most people buy health insurance. still ahead at 5:00, was it a titanic mistake? new revelations about what could have sunk the so-called unsinkable ship. we'll have the new claims. getting back to basics. police gave our own lauren garcia-cannon a step by step refresher on buckling up your little ones. details of a major recall involving a popular brand of baby formula. are mammograms not as effective as previously thought? we'll have the new study. tracking kind of a breezy le evening around the bay area as we wrap up the last couple of hours of summer. look at these temperatures. 69 in san jose. winds picking up. it's our temperatures ramping up for the weekend. 90s, even near 100. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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that massive egg recall took center stage on capitol hill today. lawmakers finally getting to question the owners of the iowa egg farms linked to last month's salmonella outbreak. one of the owners drew special attention today when he refused to testify. >> do you swear or affirm -- >> reporter: it was a hearing that drew high emotion -- >> salmonella poisoning! >> reporter: disrupted by a protest against the entire egg industry and full of tough testimony from those sickened this summer. >> your whole body, head to toe, is in agony. i was in fetal position for i don't know how long. >> reporter: while victims had plenty to say, the owner of one of the farms at the center of
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the salmonella outbreak refused to answer questions. >> i respectfully decline to answer the questions -- >> reporter: the salmonella investigation targets iowa's hillanddale farms and wright county eggs are these pictures are enough to make some people sick. and investigators claim at wright, salmonella had been detected 426 times before this summer's outbreak. >> you've got cracks, you've got dead mice, you've got dead chickens, you've got maggots. that stuff just didn't happen. >> this building is designed to have these manure pits -- >> reporter: wright's owners blamed an ingredient by an outside supplier. but they were apologetic for the outbreak that sickened as many as 1,600 people. >> i have prayed several times each day for all of these people, for improved health. >> reporter: the two farms voluntarily recalled over 500 million eggs when the fda requested it and wright's owners
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insist they have since made sweeping changes. something the new government will insist on under new egg rules designed to crack the cycle of salmonella and keep more tainted eggs from making it to market. in testimony a representative of the fda pushed committee members to pass a bill giving the fda mandatory recall authority. right now, food recalls are voluntary. in other health news, research suggests mammograms do not help women over 50 as much as first thought. a large study in norway found only one-third reduced risk of death is due to screening. the rest is due to treatment and greater awareness. a study found while mammograms cut the risk of dying, one expert estimating 2,500 women would have to be regularly screened over ten years to save one life from breast cancer. car accidents are the leading cause of death for kids between the ages of 3 and 14. most of the time that's because
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they're not scrapped in correctly. this week is child passenger safety week. and police are trying to make sure your kids are buckled in safely. laura garcia-cannon has the tips that could save a life. >> reporter: keeping your child safe while riding in the car is not only a priority for parents, it's the law. but it's easy to miss key steps of correctly installing a car seat. chp officer tim bowen says a common mistake is installing the seat belt too loose. >> we want them to be moving less than an inch where the belt goes through to hold it in place. and most of the seats that i encount encounter, they're too loose. >> reporter: make sure the car seat is secure by either latch or belt. >> i always refer to the manual for your specific seat. in all cases make sure it's a good fit. >> in an infant carrier make sure it's secured, make sure the child is secured into the seat, make sure our retainer clip's in the right spot. >> reporter: you also have to
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check the car seat itself. it's got to have this red federal certification sticker on it. if you happen to buy your car seat online, could have been made in a different country and it's unsafe. avoid toys hanging on the handle. they could become projectiles if you're in an accident. check your manual to see what's the best position for that handle. laura garcia-cannon, nbc bay area news. >> if you need help getting your child buckled in, go to our website and search "seat check" to find free inspection sites near you. time to get a check of the weather forecast. rob is talking not just heat but serious heat. >> yeah, running out of space on my seven-day forecast. the numbers are getting close to maybe 100 degrees in a few spots. it's tough to believe when it you go outside this evening and you're going to need a jacket in livermore if you're going to have outdoor dining plans. temperatures we're seeing at this hour. sea breezes keeping our temperatures cool inland.
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only 67 in livermore. 69 in san jose. 60 in san francisco. ears the reason why. as we switch to the wins. you can see west winds at 18 through fairfield. good strong breeze. san jose seeing northwest winds at 15. closer look around the bay taking you into san jose. a cool 69. northwest wind at 15. in oakland, looking back to san francisco. it's 68 degrees. west wind at 17. so jacket weather from the south bay, east bay, san francisco. even with the sunshine only 60 right now. west wind at 20 miles per hour. so some of the headlines we'll be watching the next 24 to 48 hours is that things are going to make a big-time change as we head towards friday. in the meantime, tonight, patches of low clouds. tomorrow morning it's going to be chilly. jacket weather i think for one more morning tomorrow. for the afternoon 60s, 70s, a few low 80s inland for thursday. the big change friday and the weekend ahead. i think most of us, including around the inner bay, may see 90s in the forecast as we get
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toward saturday and sunday. air quality just fine as we have a pretty healthy sea breeze. keeps things stirred up. ground level ozone not a problem. as winds back ba off we could see more spare the air days. this is going to be a big-time summer-like pattern setting up. satellite view, pretty tame unless you're heading to yosemite. you can see we have scattered thundershowers this afternoon. may see some activity across the southern sierra. nothing in the way of rain around the bay area. what will rain is this big ridge of high pressure. that's going to set up and act like a dome, sinking warming air aloft. we'll see temperatures soaring not so much for tomorrow. it's friday and beyond coming up in your seven-day forecast. 60s and 70s for most of the bay area tomorrow. maybe close to 80 in the warmst places inland. by friday that sea breeze is going to shut down. 80s and 90s around most of the bay area. san jose by the end of the weekend. probably seeing temperatures climb into the mid 90s. with winds turning offshore, if they're strong enough and they turn gusty we may have to watch
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out for fire danger concerns. it's going to heat up. hopefully the winds back off enough to keep us out of the trouble in terms of fire danger as we get out of the weekend and head into monday. something cool, hopefully you can see overnight tonight, the next few nights, jupiter at its closest approach to earth. you can see it's the brightest light in the sky besides the moon. if you have a nice telescope or binoculars you can catch that sight in the skies tonight if you're not surrounded by fog. 40s and 50s around the bay area. tomorrow highs warm up 5 to 10 degrees. no 90s yet. tomorrow comfortable. the first official full day of fall tomorrow. 80 in san jose. so that's up about 8 degrees from today. san francisco comfortable, 72. east bay temperatures. a few spots in eastern:00 getting into the low 80s. highs in the 70s and 80s. that's going to seem chilly compared to your seven-day forecast. 90s in a few spots friday. those are san jose-based
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temperatures. monday near 100 in san jose. look at that, that is a big change. six days of 90-degree temperatures inland getting started on friday. >> when does the snow start? mixed bag of weather lately. >> pretty amazing given the fact our summer had mini heat waves that lasted two or three days. this may be five or six. quite a change. 500,000 books for as little as a buck. the san francisco public library's big book sale started today. the five-day sale is from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. through sunday. the sale is at the ft. mason center festival pavilion. excluding rare books, every title will be sold for $5. sunday the books will be sold for just a buck. the kickoff for nbc's primetime fall lineup continues tonight with a premiere of the drama "under covers." a couple of careers are pulled out of retirement as globe-trotting cia agents. the show is directed by the man
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behind the hits "lost" and "alias." it premieres tonight at 8:00, followed by "law and order svu." 11:00 the "bay area news at 11:00." on the hot seat. why stephen colbert is preparing to testify before congress. could human error have talksed "the titanic" to sink? the new claims from a of a e of a high-ranking officer on that ship. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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a huge recall of baby formula to tell you about tonight. abbott labs says up to 5 million containers of powdered simulac formula may be contaminated with insect parts. the affected products were sold in either plastic containers or cans. both of various sizes from 8 ounces to 12.9 ounces. to see if you have any affected formulas, go online to the website. and the lot number located on
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the bottom of the container. abbott found insects last week in one section of a michigan manufacturing plant. there are new claims tonight about why "the titanic" really sank. yes, there was an iceberg involved. but a british author, the granddaughter of the only surviving officer, says it was human error that caused the ship to sink. when one of the crew members turned right instead of left. that's starboard instead of port for you sailors. it was a family secret for nearly 100 years, she says, and she says she's writing the book now so the secret would not die with her. >> "titanic" sank in two hours, whereas my grandfather estimated that the damage that had been done originally, she would have gone on floating maybe for five or six hours. and "carpathia" was 84 hours away. >> someone else is writing a book about "the titanic" and that author says the claim is false.
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scientists are excited about the discovery of two previously unknown dinosaur species. while they look scary, they were plant eaters related to the triceratops. cosmoceratops has 15 horns on his head, most of that armor for looks to intimidate rivals and attract mates. the other is larger with five horns, named utahceratops, 25 feet long with a seven-foot-long skull. the fossils were found in southern utah and experts believe they will find new species in the desert, which approximatelies of years ago with a sw be back with stephen colbert. [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp,
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself.
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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political sat tearist stephen colbert is going to capitol hill friday, no joke. he's testifying before congress. the subject is immigration. kolbcoa colbert picked vegetables at a farm in new york state. that episode airs tonight on "the colbert report" talking about immigration. the usw launched a web campaign called take our jobs, saying if americans have a problem with undocumented immigrants working on u.s. farms they should apply. so far, only seven people have done so. >> is that surprising? i don't know. tonight on "nightly news," "waiting for superman." the story behind a new film about rescuing our schools. our state is in a real mess.
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and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. weeavetoweiv lwiurth onv t d h we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs,


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